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It was…

"A Very Special Gift-Giving Webinar"

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New Payment Plans Available

2022 will be a great year for Groovesters, as those on the webinar just learned.

Here are the FOUR big topics covered that you’ll want to know more about…and NOTE -ALL of these are  FREE for Groovesters: 

The Groovy Marketer

A weekly newsletter edited by Carl Galletti and delivering the latest Groove news, articles, and links. Each Monday morning your inbox will get a digest of replays and links to content from the previous week, as well as the upcoming week’s live schedule and more.

GrooveGrowth: Our NEW Leadership Development Program.

Free to all Groove account holders, both free and paid. Delivered throughout 2022, every Monday and Thursday. Mondays will be a short inspirational message from Ridgely, delivered in the Groovy Marketer newsletter. Thursdays will feature content and guest speakers on the subject of the month and the last Thursday will be a LIVE streaming Q&A session. Each month will be a different leadership/success subject, all outlined in the replay above.

NOTE: GrooveGrowth is a brand new membership area in GrooveMember, we will be releasing new content every Thursday. However, this first week will take a little longer. We have to send out login details to over 500,000 Groove account holders, and even running an automated script, that process takes FIVE full days!


Introducing Tom Beal as the producer, GrooveTV will eventually be a 24/7 educational channel for Groovesters. It’s like Netflix or CNN for Groovesters. We’re growing it slowly, but already have more than 10 hours of weekly live content in the works.

The Expansion of https://Groove.how

This is going to be the hub where ALL the how-to information will be indexed in one place to make it easy to find…plus it will be coupled with the upcoming Tooltips that will be a part of all the Groove apps, so when you need help with how to do something a tooltip will give you a hint and then access to articles and/or short videos to show you how it’s done.

Here are just some of the comments we got from excited Groovesters on the call:

  • “2022 will be a great year” - Katia

  • “Excited to get started. Awesome!! Thank you” - Michele

  • “Are these being recorded and how can I access” - Bud

  • “More than ever, people need to hear the wisdom…And people REALLY need the positive stuff now.” - Susan

  • “This is so great!” - Susan

  • “wow, amazing” - Ari

  • “Wow, 500,000 members!” - Leanne

  • “Good stuff” - De

  • “I am learning and will be using it all as I am building my business this year!!” - Michelle

  • “absolutely love this -- can't wait to see everything that comes out” - Ron

  • “This is really cool. :-)” - Martin

  • “So glad I became a Groovester!” - Rafer


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