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Happy Hanukkah!

Give the Perfect Gift

A Little More Fun, a Little More Love, a Little More Light Every Night.

That's the Joy of Hanukkah.

Here’s How to Celebrate the Festival of Light with Me

Dear Loved One,

Each year during Hanukkah I admire the lights and reflect on the joys and blessings I’ve experienced throughout the year.

I think about the people, like you, who have loved and supported me in my efforts to achieve my dreams. Your encouragement throughout the year hasn’t gone unnoticed, by any means.  You understood that the biggest risk I could have taken this year is to take no action at all, and supported my decisions, even if you didn’t always understand them.

Thank you for recognizing the hard work and effort I’ve put in this year, and most of all, for listening to my incessant babbling about Groove.

See, this year I discovered this amazing community of business owners who are genuinely loving, supportive and helpful in a way I’ve never experienced before... from a group of virtual strangers. We call ourselves Groovesters.

That group, and the software that accompanies it, has made all of the hard work of starting and running an online business.. well.. just not feel so much like work anymore. And that makes it easier to stick to doing what it takes each and every day.

I’m part of this community that does incredible things like create this little monster named Groovezilla.

And in his hand is beacon of hope for me and so many other entrepreneurs out there who feel so alone. That gorgeous, glowing neon G.

And the commitment to taking control of my life and finances that it represents.

To me… that lovely glowing neon-pink G light is a symbol of the promise I made to myself to work hard, stay focused on my goals, and build for the future. It represents the light that will guide me to reach my dreams and discover new ones.

So Here’s How You Can

Celebrate Hanukkah with Me This Year.

I Would Sincerely Love one of These Crazy Cool G Lights.

I know you've probably picked out some cute socks already.

But getting that light from you would make this year’s holiday of lights so much more meaningful to me. In addition to all of the wonderful and motivating things that I just mentioned the light represents… when I receive it from you will act as a constant reminder of your continued love and support of me and my goals.

Plus, it looks so cool it’s going to help me completely outshine everybody else on video conferencing. ;-)

We Can Always Banish the Dark with the Light,

That’s What the Neon G Means to me.

And I’m just speculating here, but I really think it can become part of the quintessential Hanukkah home decor. Can’t you see why I’d love to receive one?



P.S. I’ve already checked and it won’t outshine the Menorah candles. I’ve been told I can adjust the brightness to a respectable level over the entire eight days.

P.P.S. We will do our very best to get your Groove G to you as fast as possible, but cannot guarantee delivery before the end of Hanukkah

Shipping on international orders may not arrive in time for the holidays due to Covid restrictions, carrier delays, customs delays etc.

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