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What Is It?

The spiritual successor to the legendary MDC, Groove Magazine is every ounce of our collective decades of marketing and entrepreneurial experience distilled into sparkling prose and lovingly scattered onto 32 glossy pages.

The software and company updates that are too long to squeeze into our emails, the Groove family-produced articles that are too epic to fit onto our blog, and the behind-the-scenes gossip and sneak peeks that are too juicy even for social media…

…are all to be found on the pages of Groove Magazine. 

  • If GrooveFunnels™ was an award-winning movie, Groove Magazine would be the epic behind-the-scenes documentary, bookended with hours of exclusive deleted scenes. 

  • If GrooveFunnels™ was a platinum-selling music album, Groove Magazine would be the unreleased set of B-sides for the true fans to binge on.

  • If GrooveFunnels™ was an award-winning movie, Groove Magazine would be the epic behind-the-scenes documentary, bookended with hours of exclusive deleted scenes. 

  • That last one didn’t even make any sense, but we’re all hungry now, right?

    Well feast on this…

    Candid Behind-the-scenes Stories 

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    You can find the newest Groove updates on our official Facebook page. But Groove Magazine is where you get the full unabridged stories, including all the inhouse gossip.

    Such as the time we accidentally made a small copyright error and almost nuked our entire training archive – we’ll tell you about that one in a future issue.

    The Genius Of The Groove Family

    The sun never sets on the Groove family. But not in a creepy, colonial, we’re going to put all your stuff in our museum, kind of way.

    It’s simply that our talent is so diverse and so global, there isn’t a minute of a single day that goes by when somebody, somewhere in the world, isn’t working on GrooveFunnels™ software in some capacity.

    That’s too much expertise for one company, so every month we siphon off a few gallons and turn it into cutting-edge content for Groove Magazine.

    You get superb, original, informative content, and we get to avoid a messy explosion of genius juice.

    Contributions From Leading Entrepreneurs

    It turns out there are still a few smart entrepreneurs out there who don’t work for us. So we rounded them up and coerced strong-armed invited them to share their winning strategies inside the pages of Groove Magazine.

    Naturally that doesn’t include our competitors but then we did say LEADING entrepreneurs.

    Oh… snap! Did we just go there? 

    Just kidding. We have nothing but love for everyone we’ve overtaken along the way.

    picture from a guy with a hat

    Serializations of new book releases

    With great subscriber numbers comes great ability to convince newly-published book authors to let us serialize sizeable chunks of their new releases and offer significant, subscriber-only discounts.

    We’re talking WORLD EXCLUSIVE, first-looks at exciting new business and marketing publications you won’t find anywhere else.

    Tip And Tricks From Leading Groove JV Partners.

    picture 2 people representing our affiliates

    Our Groove affiliates are so incredible, some of them are even developing their own marketing and business course to complement the GrooveFunnels™ experience.

    We interview the best and the brightest to find out what makes them tick (besides our ridiculously generous commissions), how they’re achieving such phenomenal success, and the amazing programs they’re creating to support GrooveFunnels™ members.

    Original Hand-drawn, Comic Book-style Art.

    If you’re bored to tears with Internet Marketing magazine designs that feature endless variations of the same creepy guy punching the air in front of his laptop (presumably because he finally installed enough ram to run Windows properly), our unique blend of noir-themed aesthetic and hand-drawn art will take your breath away.

    Your tears of boredom will be replaced by tears of joy that you’ll then be able to dab dry with our glossy 100lb paper stock.

    photo of the GrooveMagazine

    !! Quick Temperature Check !!

    picture from a guy with a hat

    Sorry to interrupt. We know reading this page is like discovering your new favourite novelist. But before you read on and discover the AMAZING BONUSES that are also included with your magazine subscription, I just wanted to let you know that it only gets better from here.

    So, if you’re all ready to lock in your subscription, I recommend doing it right now. Because who knows what might happen between now and the time it takes you to read the rest of this page.

    We might decide to increase the price by 200% for new subscribers. 

    We might close the shopping cart for repairs. We might decide to shut up shop and all become goat herders.

    Yes, realistically, none of those things are likely to happen. But why take that chance?

    Subscribe Now

    Why You Need It?

    Are you seriously asking that question? Didn’t you read the part about the cutting-edge content, and the book serializations, and the hand-drawn illustrations?

    You need more?

    Okay, well first of all, if knowledge is power, every issue of Groove Magazine will leave you thrumming with energy and profitable ideas that will help you take your business to the next level.

    But that’s a given. What’s more important to consider is what happens if you DON’T subscribe. Think of it this way…

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    You see, you COULD hang around for a few weeks until the PDF version of the magazine is released and avoid being distracted by cat GIFs long enough to read it on a fingerprint-smudged computer screen.

    But I GUARANTEE you that, when you do that, you’ll start thinking about how much better the experience would be if you were holding the REAL magazine in your hands and you were thumbing through the glossy, art-filled pages, with your feet up, lounging in your favourite armchair.

    And then you’ll start thinking about all those FREE bonuses and exclusive content that would have come with the magazine that the casual PDF readers will never get to see.

    Wait... What Was That? Bonuses, You Say?

    picture 2 people representing our affiliates

    Oh yeah, did we forget to mention the bonuses?

    Ha, ha! Of course we didn’t. We were just waiting until we had you all nice and pliable.

    Your Groove Magazine subscription comes with a whole bunch (that’s a technical term for bazillions) of desirable goodies that the PDF version DOESN’T include…

    Subscribe Now

    Free Copy of Issue Zero

    Before Issue One of Groove Magazine was even a glint in GrooveZilla’s eye, there was Issue Zero. This slightly odd, but ultra-cool, promotional issue of the magazine introduces all the Groove pillars and partners, along with a mix of original articles, interviews, and more of that gorgeous hand-drawn artwork.

    It’s a bit like the pilot episode of Star Trek where everything looks mostly familiar but Shatner’s missing and Spock sounds a bit weird. Maybe not quite canon, but an essential piece of history for any discerning collector.

    Anyhoo… when you subscribe to Groove Magazine, you’ll get Issue Zero, and it’s 36 fun-packed pages, bundled with your first monthly issue, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    Note to the discerning Groove affiliate: Issue Zero of Groove Magazine is actually the perfect way to introduce the GrooveFunnels™ ecommerce platform to new prospects. It’s deliberately evergreen so we can take it to conventions and exhibitions to use as an attractive, high-quality giveaway.

    If you’re a Groove affiliate you should ABSOLUTELY be using Issue Zero of the magazine for the same purpose.

    When you go through the checkout process for your magazine subscription, you’ll be given the option of adding extra copies of Issue Zero to your order. Then, all you have to do is print out a nice insert or business card containing your Groove affiliate link, and slip it inside before you give it away to people at your next networking event, convention or family barbecue.

    We’ve even added templates for the inserts to the Groove Affiliate page so you can quickly create and print out your own version.

    So, while you’re going through the checkout to complete your subscription, make sure you look out for the option to add extra copies of Issue Zero to your order.

    Subscribe Now

    30-Days Advanced Delivery

    The PDF version of the magazine is released 30 days AFTER the print version is shipped. Which means for around FOUR ENTIRE WEEKS* you’ll have full access to the magazine before the rest of the Internet.

    Look, no one wants to be that person at the watercooler who’s like, oh no, I don’t get the thing everyone’s laughing at because I haven’t read the current issue of Groove yet and I haven’t seen the joke on page 22 about John Cornetta and the fruit salad.

    We don’t want that for you. You don’t want for you. So get the print version of the mag and read the joke about the fruit salad (note to editorial team - you need to come up with a joke about fruit salad).

    Exclusive Print-Only Features

    Every issue (excluding Issue Zero) will include at least two features that are not in the PDF version of the magazine.

    Which is to say, they’ll be in there, but they’ll be blurred out like they’re some kind of top secret, redacted content.

    We’re such teases. What can we say, sneaky marketing tactics are in our blood. Don’t judge us for who we are.

    picture from a guy with a hat

    Reusable Business Blueprints

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    We’ve taken some of our best business, marketing and GrooveFunnels-themed strategies, condensed them into step-by-step checklists, and turned them into laminated slices of genius.

    For example, imagine setting yourself the task of making your website mobile-friendly. Ugh! There’s a week of migraines you could do without.

    But if you have our “Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly” blueprint, you’ll have an easy, step-by-step guide to getting the job done in just a fraction of the time.

    And because it’s laminated, you can tick off the steps with a marker pen and then wipe it clean when you want to re-use it.


    If you spill chicken chow mein on it you haven’t ruined your awesome bonus!

    See, we got you covered.

    You’ll get a brand new, reusable laminated business blueprint with every issue of Groove Magazine.

    Exclusive Collector’s Cards

    picture from a guy with a hat

    The original art we’re creating for Groove Magazine is too epic to just fade away. 

    So every month we’re taking a handful of the best illustrations and turning them into ultra-collectible cards for you to enjoy.

    How collectible? Hard to say. But if a poster of Bob Dylan under an Apple logo can sell for $6k then anything’s possible.

    Subscribe Now

    Easter Eggs And A Treasure Hunt (Maybe…)

    Our design team grew up reading magazines with cool give-aways and secret bonuses. Consequently, despite our best efforts to distract them with a salary, they couldn’t resist sneaking in a few hidden messages for eagle-eyed readers to find.

    Rumour has it, one of them is even a trail that leads to a cash prize.

    If it is true, it’ll probably be VERY hard to find and it definitely won’t be possible to track it down through the PDF version alone.

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    Top Secret Unannounced Bonus (for annual subscribers only)

    Don’t be surprised if your print subscription comes with an unexpected bonus.

    We can’t confirm what they are because it’s a surprise and definitely not because, at the time of writing, we haven’t finalised the details with the printer.


    picture from a guy with a hat

    Think of this as time travel, that’s already happened. 

    It’s three months later. You’re feeling gutted that you missed out. And then…


    You’ve time-travelled back to today. You have the opportunity to put everything right and subscribe to Groove Magazine. 

    Hey, we’re no Sports Almanac, but Great Scott we’re pretty darned close.

    Subscribe Now

    Why You Should Act Now

    We’ve all become so used to ebooks and Kindles that we’ve almost forgotten the tactile joy of holding a real magazine in our hands that never needs charging or reorienting to your screen size.

    And so we may also have forgotten that a printed magazine is a finite beast. When one month ends and the next begins, the current issue becomes last month’s issue and is no longer available.

    So, if you want to be sure of never missing a single issue, I urge you to subscribe today.

    With our ironclad money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose.

    Subscribe Now
    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    There’s A Guarantee?

    Naturally. If you receive your first issue and it’s not everything we promised, all you have to do is burn the magazine, show us a picture of the ashes, and… hang on… sorry, I’m being informed I’m not allowed to ask you to set fire to stuff.

    So, just open a support ticket and ask for a refund within 60 days and we’ll sort you out.

    And you can keep the magazine and all the freebies as a ‘thank you’ for giving it a try.

    Are You Still Here?

    picture 2 people representing our affiliates

    You’ve read almost the entire page. Kudos. Avid, completist readers are exactly the kind of people who will most enjoy and appreciate our labor of love.

    To get every issue of Groove Magazine through the post. As well as all the unmissable bonuses that will make the rest of your entrepreneurial buddies green with envy…

    You know what to do…

    Subscribe Now

    P.S. - By the way, we should probably mention that we’re throttling the number of subscriptions available to purchase? So if you wait too long you might find that the checkout page has closed.

    It feels like we should have told you this earlier - sorry...

    Unless, of course, you’re one of those oddballs that reads the P.S. before anything else. In which case, congratulations - your lack of respect for linearity as finally paid off!

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