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Happy Holidays

Give the perfect gift

A Little More Fun, a Little More Love, a Little More Light Every Night.

That's the Joy of the Holidays.

Here’s How to Celebrate This Holiday Season with Me!

Dear Loved One,

It’s the season to capture all the magic and sparkle of the holiday season, and celebrate this wonderful day with those I love most.

You, my dearest loved one, bring a true gift of inspiration into my life. When I think about all the support and encouragement that you have given me this year, I am moved beyond what I can fully express. My heartfelt thanks for everything that you’ve done to support me and my goals.

Because truly, when I take the time to stop and think back on it, it’s been the most magical feeling knowing that my hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed. You’ve been extra patient when it comes to listening to all things Groove – and there’s a lot for me to talk about, I know.

But I made the decision to go all in and really invest in building my business this year, and fortunately I’ve had the support of our virtual community of Groovesters along the way. I’m only ever one click of the button away from the most incredible group of business owners who are sincerely caring and helpful.

While our group is definitely resourceful, it’s the Groove team who lead by example through the software. They are pulling all their knowledge and resources to make life so much easier for those of us running an online business. Work just doesn’t have to be that hard anymore. Also, who could resist seeing Groovezilla pop up on a regular basis?

Let me be the first to admit, there have certainly been moments in my life where it’s been too hard to stick with the vision.

But now I’m part of this community of entrepreneurs that makes me feel so much less alone in all of this.

And representative of that feeling of hope it brings, you’ll find Groovezilla holding onto our light. The beautiful, glowing neon G light.

When I say it represents a feeling of hope, that means even in my deepest struggle, it’s a light to guide me towards my goals and help me achieve my dreams. To me, that neon-pink G light is a tangible symbol of the promise I made to myself to work hard, stay focused on my goals, and build for the future.

So Here’s How You Can

Celebrate The Holidays with Me This Year.

I would sincerely love one of these crazy cool G lights.

I know you’ve probably already got a thoughtful gift in mind, but it would make this year’s festive celebration all that more meaningful to get that light from you.

See, when I receive it from you, it will forever act as a motivational reminder of your continued love and support of me and my goals.

My Dreams Will Become my Reality if I Invest in Them,

That’s What the Neon G Means to me.

And when it comes to curating an appealing yet professional video conferencing background, there’s nothing that would look even half as cool as this. ;-) Wouldn’t you agree I need one?



P.S. Order before this timer goes out to ensure delivery before the end of the holidays.









Shipping estimates are for orders shipped within North America. International orders may not arrive in time for the holidays due to Covid restrictions, carrier delays, customs delays etc.

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