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Acceptable Use Policy

Effective: January 1, 2020

In an effort to ensure excellent web services for our users and their businesses, it is imperative that we follow the best practices for digital marketing so that we maintain the highest level of domain reputation, servers and IP reputation, sender reputation and email deliverability. 

The actions of any one of our users can impact the performance of all our users and the platforms as a whole. Therefore, all users must abide by the following Acceptable Use Policy. We are all in this together!  

Violation of this policy may lead to account suspension or termination without recourse. This policy covers specificly prohibited content, and is to be considered in addition to the general Terms of Service provided on our sites. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate individual features as well as entire accounts for content that threatens the welfare of all of our users.

Prohibited Content

Groove.cm and Groove.ai may not be used to produce, promote, market, exchange, or store any content that is deemed to be offensive, harassing, or illegal.  

You may not display, store or send content related to:

● Illegal goods and services

● Pornography and sexually explicit content

● Email that violates CAN-SPAM laws

● Drugs, pharmaceuticals and controlled substances

● Gambling or sports betting services or information

● Cannabis, marajuana, alcohol and related products or services (except CBD)

● Automated financial trading or stock picking software

● Content promoting or supporting terrorism or violent extremeism

● Content that violates the intellectual properly of others

● The sale of contact lists, leads, or software to harvest this data, including social media likes and followers

● Products and promotions involving unsubstantiated claims of medical or financial results.

● Services that support programmatically sending mail on behalf of third parties without creating or reviewing the content

Content Subject to Scrutiny

Some industries receive higher than average abuse and spam complaints, which can compromise performance for the whole platform. While the following topics are not expressly forbidden, businesses dealing in these topics that cause or may cause a degradation of service will be subject to additional scrutiny which may lead to termination or suspension of all or partial service without recourse.

● Dating advice and services, escort services, and adult novelty items

● Alternative health practices, vitamins and supplements including CBD.

● Currency, cryptocurrency, online trading, day trading tips, or stock market related content

● Mortgages, loans and financial instruments including real estate transactions

● Business Opportunities that include income claimsMulti-Level Marketing

Prohibited Actions

Groove.cm and Groove.ai may not be used in connection with any activity that involves, to any degree, the following items, violation will result in the immediate termination of service without recourse:

● Sending Spam. Groove is not a cold email platform, you may not purchase or upload a list that didn’t specifically opt in to receive this targeted information from you. You must have a valid list and show evidence of consent for any marketing email you send;

● False or misleading business opportunities, scams, or pyramid schemes;

● Health claims that have been determined to be false or misleading by a regulatory agency; illegal activities;

● Sales of drugs or pharmaceuticals;

● Sales of illegal products or services;

● Content or products that infringe the intellectual property rights of others, including trademark, copyright, design or patent rights;

● Pornography or sexually explicit content;

● Content that promotes or depicts human trafficking, child abuse, animal abuse, or which encourages or promotes abuse of alcohol, drugs or other substances, graphic or gratuitous violence, or people being injured, beaten, hurt, attacked, or humiliated;

● Content that is needlessly shocking to the senses, gratuitously gross, or which depicts or promotes accidents, death, hate speech attacking or demeaning a group based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, and the like;

● Any use of the Software in connection with predatory behavior, including invasions of privacy, directed to other persons, particularly children;

● Harvesting or scrubbing leads from directories, websites, forums, social media sites, etc. All leads must be acquired through a voluntary form fill-in, such as a registration form, a checkout form, etc.

● Promoting affiliate links via commonly frowned-upon practices in the affiliate marketing industry including, but not limited to: cookie injection, spamming forums or social media, automated scripts, etc

● Use, initiation, or implementation of any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," on, through, or with the our software in a manner that utilizes more resources from (a) the software, (b) any Groove server or site, or (c) any third party server or site, in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser

● The use of malicious code, spyware, or malware

● The use of purchased, brokered or rented lists.

● The use of any action intended to circumvent our safeguards, import policies or billing thresholds.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and most importantly, to respect our Acceptable Use Policy.